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are you new here?

are you new here?

Welcome and welcome! Welcome to St Marys Baptist Church. 

If you’re new or unsure about being part of a church, then don’t be worried. People matter most to God, and at SMBC we love to welcome and include new people just as they are.

Be who you are. Come just as you are. We are all different, and love each other. There is no dress code. 

On a typical Sunday morning, our gathering is for two hours. We have three segments.


In the first segment, we spend some time with some music and singing, and share about our lives. We share stories to celebrate or needs to pray about. There is an opportunity for the regulars to make financial contributions towards the activities of our church but there is no obligation for visitors to contribute. 

In the second segment, we have morning tea and spend time talking to each other. This is for about 30 minutes. 

In the third segment, children go to different rooms to Crèche and Kids Church where they will learn about God, and adults also will have a learning time from God's word, the Bible, in the main hall. 

There are other activities through the week, some for helping people get to know each other, some for learning more about God, and others for serving the community.Under the current virus-alert, we are doing these online via Zoom.

We’re all at different stages, and ready for different steps. We’d like to help you take the next steps that are relevant for you.

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