About us

why we exist

"to intentionally make disciples of Jesus"

what we value

Christ centred

At SMBC, Jesus Christ is the head of our church. Jesus is the light of the world. As Jesus is the only way, the only truth and the only source of eternal life, we passionately share about Him to all people so that people can have a relationship with God. Everything we believe and do is all about Jesus. His word, the Bible is our guide and we live by the power of His Holy Spirit.

mission shaped

Jesus came to us as human to show us God’s love for us and God’s reign over the universe. We declare that Jesus is Lord and Jesus saves. At SMBC, we are motivated by God’s love to see people’s lives and communities transformed through Jesus.  Hence, we bias our resources toward this cause in St. Marys and surrounding areas and around the world.



Jesus’ core teaching is to love God and love others. Therefore, at SMBC, we are committed to love and honour all people, appreciating various expressions of faith and cultural diversity. We prioritise authentic relationships over programmes and structures. We honour marriage as the foundation for a lifelong faithful union of a man and a woman.

people empowering

People matter to God. At SMBC, we want to nurture a culture that encourages, shapes and releases every person to glorify God in all of their life. We are committed to disciple people and strategically invest in identifying, developing and empowering leaders. Everyone is encouraged to use their gifts to bless others for the glory of God.

At St. Marys Baptist Church, 

we hold to a number of core Christian beliefs. A summary of those beliefs listed below:


God has no beginning and no end. He is not created. 

God is holy, righteous and just. God is love and relational.

God has always been in three persons: the Father, Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.   

God created everything good. He only does good.


All people have rebelled against God and are sinners.

The world has become an imperfect place because of our sins. 


Jesus Christ entered our world as a human, suffered and died to pay the penalty for humanity’s rebellion. For more info about Jesus please visit our page Jesus

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit works within a person so that they might turn back to God by believing in Jesus.

The Holy Spirit gives us power and equips us with skills and abilities to serve him and others. 


God inspired the sixty-six books of the Bible to be written and they are His word to all people.


There is one true church of God made up of all people who follow Jesus as their Lord. 

God's people meet as local churches and are committed to each other.  

The church should share the good news of Jesus and help people become and grow as Jesus' disciples. 


God will raise all people to life to face his judgement.

There will be a day of judgement on which people will either receive everlasting life or eternal punishment.


Believers should be baptised by immersion.

For more details, please visit:

NSW & ACT Baptist Assoc. Common Beliefs Statement

staff & leaders
Enoch Nagabyrava

Lead Pastor

Enoch became a follower of Christ as a six year old and grew in the Lord through the influence of his godly parents, local church and university student ministry. He came to Australia in 2005 for post graduate studies at Macquarie Uni. He worked as a Science Teacher for seven years. He holds an M.Div from ACT and is pursuing M.A in Christian Studies. Prior to coming to SMBC, he served as an Associate Pastor for over three years at Eastwood Baptist. He has been at SMBC since July 2018 and also serves as a Chaplain at Oxley Park Public School. He is passionate about sharing life and God's word so as to see people at SMBC grow in their love for God. He's also passionate about people in St. Marys and surrounds finding their identity and purpose in life by knowing and living for Jesus.

He is married to Joanna and they are blessed with Zoe and Zachary. 

Ding Pablo


Ding and his family migrated from the Philippines to Australia in 1990s and has joined St.Marys Baptist Church since. He worked as an IT specialist at various banks for over 35 years in Manila and Sydney until his recent retirement. Having a formal training in theology, he was part of the preaching team for many years and served as an Elder in early 2000s. Fleur, his wife, works as a scientist at the NSW State government.  

Marco Melendez


Marco and his wife Mary have been part of St. Marys Baptist Church since they moved to the area over 30 years ago. Marco grew up in a Christian home in El Salvador and migrated to Australia in his late teens along with his family. Marco enjoys fixing anything, driving his motor bike, playing soccer and nothing can stop him from talking to others. He says, “SMBC has been an oasis for us where we have felt love and have been given the freedom to be ourselves and the opportunity to serve God.” I look forward for what is next for us as a church.

Phyllis Jansz


Phyllis originally came from the U.K. with migrant parents in 1958.  She completed her schooling in Cabramatta. She has been living in St Marys since 1971 with her husband Don. They have two married daughters and two grandchildren. She has been at St Marys Baptist Church since 1980's.  Many years ago God gave Phyllis a yearning to encourage people. This has turned out to be a ministry for the last 40 years that she applies in the church and community. She has a passion for people to see Jesus and want to be part of His family.

core beliefs

mission engagement

At SMBC, we are committed to joining in the work of sending and partnering with mission workers who can share the good news of Jesus around the world. We are now partnering with four different mission workers. 

The W Family

S E Asia

Camping on the Beach

The W family is connected with SMBC for over 20 years. To know more about their ministry, please contact the church via the contact form below. 

They are based in South East Asia, primarily involved in training, mentoring and leadership development amongst young people and reaching out to local people groups.

Linda Burton

StreetLight is a team of volunteers sharing Jesus with people working in the brothels around Sydney. Linda and other volunteers talk with women (and sometimes men) with many different life stories. They have the privilege of sharing their love and faith in Jesus and inspiring hope in them.


Many of the people they meet are from non-English speaking backgrounds and have no understanding of Jesus. Many have experienced trauma and abuse. They would not go to a church. That is why Linda and other volunteers go to their places.


Linda is also available to provide training and support for groups wanting to start a similar ministry. She encourages local churches to reach out to the people who are working in brothels in their neighbourhoods.

Linda worships at SMBC. She is our local missionary. She coordinates a program called StreetLight which aims to bring the gospel hope to women (and men) connected with brothels in Sydney.

StreetLight Ministry


S E Asia

Old Soccer Ball

R is connected with SMBC since her childhood.

To know more about her work, please contact the church via the contact form below. 

R is currently based in South East Asia, equipping and reaching out to young people, their families, and community through sports ministry plus other things.

Josh and Julie


Joshua Julie.jpg

Recently, Josh developed an app to benefit certain indigenous communities in Western Australia. 

To know more about their work, please contact the church via the contact form below. 

They are currently based in Australia. Josh is involved in creating digital gospel materials and Julie helps run a pre-school for kids of full-time Christian workers.  


At SMBC we place great importance on providing a space that is safe for all those who participate in our services and enter our property, particularly children and vulnerable people (Exodus 22:21-22, Deuteronomy 10:17-19, Jeremiah 22:2-4, James 1:27). We affirm all people have the right to be emotionally and physically safe, respected, and have their views and opinions valued at all times. The St Marys Baptist Church Safe Church Policy has been developed to help live out this Biblical mandate and fulfil our responsibilities under Australian legislation.

If you wish to contact our Safe Church Team, please email Rhonda Lever (Administrator) at 

Click on the PDF icon below to access our Safe Church Policy.