The Well: Who are we?

The Well is a team of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, who together, are committed to provide support, encouragement and resources for women in the sex industry. As committed Christians from local churches, we want to show God’s great love for all women and to uphold them as beautiful and worthy miracles of Jesus Christ.


I am a part of The Well team because I know all women we meet are of HUGE, immense value, loved by the Creator and called into an awesome, life-changing friendship with Him.

I believe Jesus has the power to change any circumstances, just as He has changed me over the years I have known Him. He gave me a reason to live and showed me real love without strings attached. I long to see all people released to live life to its fullest potential.


I love being a member of The Well team. Growing up with the burden of child sexual abuse, I turned very early to drugs and alcohol to obscure the pain and shame of being a victim. With the Grace of God, He showed me ways to accept His healing and redemption.

My heart is for all women, and I want to share His hope and love with all who want to know Him too. I’d love to meet and talk to you!


This life has been full of experiences and relationships that have impacted my heart. Some have been happy and loving while others left me hurt, broken and emotionally shut down.

In finding God my heart found home. He loved me, healed my hurts and showed me what it meant to be free… free to be myself, to dream, to create, to love.

I am part of The Well because I believe the hearts of the women we meet are important and precious. My hope is you will know the unconditional love, peace and freedom only God can give.


I am part of The Well because I have had many times when I experienced the same feelings that the woman at the well felt, feeling unwanted and unloved. Jesus restored me and I want everyone to get the chance to meet our Saviour.


I’m involved in the well ministry because I had a life that was very scarred and broken, and a heart I kept hidden behind very thick walls so no-one would ever hurt me again. Even those I loved could only get in so far but never all the way because of my fear of pain.

Then like the woman at the well I found REAL love in the person of Jesus Christ. I found that He loved me for who I was, not what I could do for Him; He gave me compassion not terror and I found a home for my heart, His awesome hands.

I would like all women to know there is somewhere safe for their hearts, and there is unconditional love with Jesus.


It is not always easy to do life. At times it can be *** awful. Why can’t I just be me and loved for who I am?

As I grew up God found me and showed me that yes I can be loved – just as I am. In fact He created me and the ways I think, dream, look, create and talk are okay. It’s me – the me God made and He told me “it is good”.

It has not been easy to believe this. At times it still is not easy but I do know it is a lot easier to “do life” with God than struggle on my own.

We were all created beautiful. You were created beautiful. But life piles a lot of garbage on top of us. God’s main job is helping us to find the “me” he originally made and to help “me” to grow and blossom. I want you to rediscover the “you” that is uniquely who you are. The precious, lovely person you were created to be.

This is what The WELL is about and why I am part of it.

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