The Well: Why ‘The Well’?

As women, the members of The Well have all experienced degradation, rejection and condemnation. We’ve all felt the pain of being unwanted and ostracised.

These feelings reminded us of a recount in the Bible of a woman who felt all these things (John 4). She was so despised and exiled that she had to draw water from the town well when no one else was around. She was forced into the burning midday sun to avoid ridicule and hatred from the other townswomen.

One day she found Jesus Christ sitting at the well. He told her private things that only she knew; things she had done wrong her whole life. But instead of snubbing her like everyone else had done, He told her that He accepted her for herself and wanted to give her His everlasting love and salvation.

We call ourselves ‘The Well’ in honour of this encounter. We want women to know total acceptance and His love. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and receive the free gift of ‘living water’ that only Jesus can give.

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