The Well: How we can help you

First and foremost, we make ourselves available to spend treasured time getting to know you and allowing you to get to know us. Your story, or whatever you have to say is very valuable and we want to give you time and space to voice the important things in your life.

Secondly, if there is a need that has become apparent during our contact, the team has numerous governmental and privately owned contacts that can assist in the majority of basic human requirements. These contacts are professionals and have greater knowledge than we do ourselves about fulfilling any needs that you may have.

Thirdly, we know that taking the first steps to make a life change, however small, can be terribly scary and sometimes intimidating. We are committed to walking with you through any stages you choose to make as a support and friend.

We have access to a range of services including:

  • Employment assistance
  • Counselling
  • Financial advice
  • Welfare including food parcels and help with some bills
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Inner (spiritual) healing course
  • Bible studies

If we don’t have the expertise you need, we will do our best to find it, or connect you with someone who does have it.

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