Restoring Hope Counselling

Restoring Hope Counselling

Sometimes the traumas of the past or current circumstances make life difficult. If you are struggling with life or in your relationships, THERE IS HOPE.

Restoring Hope Counselling offers counselling, prayer ministry and psychotherapy to individuals and couples who are seeking more from life.

At Restoring Hope we help people with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, grief and those affected by the trauma of childhood abuse or domestic violence.

Who is counselling for?

Restoring Hope Counselling offers counselling services to people from all walks of life and religious and non-religious backgrounds.

Can Restoring Hope Counselling help me with my specific problem?

At Restoring Hope Counselling we’ll customise a therapy program to suit your individual needs. For a vast majority of people we the use the “Litchfield Family Therapy” model as a framework to help you explore and resolve any struggles. This is an eclectic model using a combination of Christian and mainstream therapies and interventions.

Some people require more specialised help, so where your needs are beyond our experience or training we will work with you and other specialists to help you gain a desirable outcome.

Just call and we can discuss whether counselling might be able to help you.

How do I get the most out of counselling?

Counsellors cannot give a magic pill to make the pain go away. At Restoring Hope Counselling we work along side our clients carefully monitoring progress and modifying the therapy plan to best suit their needs. Best results in counselling come as the client and the counsellor have a cooperative and respectful working relationship, working hard to obtain the best results. We call this partnering for success. It is built on a foundation of honesty, openness, respect, trust and care. As the counsellor brings his skills, training and experience to the therapy session, so too the client brings their depth of life experience and deep knowledge of themselves. Together this partnership can provide leverage for success.

What is counselling and family therapy?

Most people see a Counsellor when they need help working through some difficulties that have come up in their life. The counsellor listens to them and helps them to work through their current circumstances offering specific tools and teaching them new skills that will equip them to tackle challenges in the future.

A Family Therapist works similarly, but with families; helping them to identify unhelpful patterns of relationship and replacing them with more useful patterns.

Many people come to counselling with deep emotional wounds from the past. These wounds raise their head from time to time making life difficult to get on with. A Counsellor or Family Therapist can use techniques to help clients resolve their problematic wounds, carefully working to bring healing and peace.

Do you offer Christian Counselling?

Restoring Hope Counselling offers Christian Counselling and Theophostic Prayer Ministry for those who desire it.

How much will counselling cost?

Partnering with St Marys District Baptist Church, Restoring Hope Counselling is able offer affordable session rates suited to most budgets. Counselling is charged for on a per-session basis. Sessions generally go for about an hour and clients usually begin with one session per week.

The current standard rate is $88 per session.

There are a limited number of subsidised places where the per-session rate is set based on your household net income (after tax). If you want to take advantage of these subsidised sessions please bring proof of income (a recent pay slip or bank account statement showing regular income).


About our counsellor, Glenn Cameron

Married for 25 years, Glenn has 2 adult children and has lived in the local area for over 20 years. He is a regular attender and member of St Marys Baptist Church. He is trained in counselling, family therapy, pastoral counselling and theophostic prayer ministry. He has been operating Restoring Hope Counselling for close to 7 years.

Glenn has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy and a Certificate IV in Christian Counselling, He is presently completing a Bachelor of Psychology.

Ph: Glenn Cameron (02) 8847 3351 / 0419 421 538


Location: The Cottage – 253 Great Western Highway, St Marys NSW 2760